Weddings info


Weddings info


 We know you're busy booking vendors and checking things off of your wedding "to do" list. Well, you can finally check makeup off of your list!

Luxury wedding makeup service with us goes beyond just applying makeup. Along with getting you photo ready, we help get you pumped, focused, and equipped for the big moment. Since NYC is the beautiful melting pot that it is, we are able to accommodate everyone of all races and ethnicities. So tell the bridesmaids not to worry when they ask you "do they have foundation for my skin tone?"

The Wedding Day

The wedding day is all about the bride(s) and groom(s) right? Of course it is! That's why we are dedicated to giving you the TLC that you need before heading to the alter. We will spend at least 1 hour prepping your skin and applying makeup. We will send you helpful DIY skin care tips that you can utilize during the weeks leading up to your wedding. We get to know you on a personal level so we can incorporate your favorite things into your experience with us, like your favorite music and scents. You will recieve a touch up kit containing lipstick, lipgloss, oil absorbing blotting sheets, tissue, and mints. We also offer a touch up service for an additional fee to keep you shine free or to change the look. 

Your makeup will last throughout the wedding. Yes, even through all of the dancing, sweating, and tears.

The Trial

Setting your look before the wedding is crucial. It will help with time management and it will ease any nerves you may have about getting a look that you absolutely hate. During the trial, we will develop our plan of action for a smooth and hassle free wedding day. We will discuss details about your color scheme, any looks that you love, and any worries that you have about your makeup on your wedding day. Together, we will compose a schedule that will include the times that each person will get their makeup done.  The schedule will help reduce the number of questions you will be bombarded with. 

Contact us HERE to book a trial today.

Destination Weddings

Planning to get married out of state or outside of the country? Take your personal makeup artist with you! We are there for all of your makeup needs, including your rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, wedding day, even your post wedding dinner!

If you want to look absolutely flawless in every photo, trust us to do the job.

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+ How far in advance should I book my makeup artist for my wedding?

For a higher chance of open availability on your wedding day, you should book with me 6-9 months prior. You can book with me up to 12 months prior to your wedding day.

+ When should I schedule my trial?

Your trial should be scheduled 3 months before your wedding day.

+ How do I book you for my wedding day?

To lock down your wedding day, I require a signed contract and a 50% retainer.

+ Do I really have to sign a contract?

If you do not sign a contract your wedding day will be up for grabs. I cannot hold dates without a contract.

+ What if I don't have time for a trial?

Although a trial is very important because it saves time and stress, I understand that sometimes you just don't have the spare time. I ask that you bring a photo of a look that you really love then I will customize the look to fit your features.

+ Do you offer packages?

Yes. I offer customized packages tailored to you.

+ How do I go about paying you?

I accept cash, check, Chase Quickpay, PayPal, and credit. PayPal and credit payments are subject to a 3% fee.

For the trial: I require a 50% retainer for the trial to reserve your time slot. The remaining balance is due on the day of the trial upon arrival. $100 will go towards your wedding day makeup balance.

For the wedding day: The final balance(minus the 50% retainer) is due 1 week before the wedding day.

+ Are eyelashes included in the price?

Yes. Eyelashes are included for no extra fee!

+ Is gratuity included in the price?

Gratuity is not included in the price but it is greatly appreciated.

+ Do I go to you or do you come to me?

I will go to you, whether you're at home, at a hotel, or at the venue. Travel fees apply for locations outside on Manhttan and Brooklyn.

+ Do I need to prepare anything for you before you arrive?

I will need a medium size table or counter space. Natural light is preferred, so a spot by a window will be ideal. I ask that everyone arrive with clean face and wear button down tops to avoid pulling clothing over the head. If clothing for the wedding has to be pulled over the head, it should be on before the makeup application. I will cover your clothing with a long cape for protection.

+ How long will each person's makeup take?

The bride will take 1 hour. Everyone else will take 30 minutes.

+ So many of us need our makeup done, my fiancé, 8 bridesmaids, our moms, the flower girl, and me. How will you get us done in time?

For bigger parties, an assistant will be on board to ensure that everyone receives proper attention and will not be rushed. The number of assistants will depend on how many people are getting their makeup done. Assistant fees will apply.

+ What happens if another person wants makeup as well?

This almost always happen because others are observing everyone getting pampered and glammed, so they want to experience the action. For this very reason, I add a bit of time to the schedule. There will be an additional fee that is specified in the contract. However, if I happen to be running behind schedule for what ever reason, I may not be able to accommodate and extra person if it will cause you to be late to your ceremony. I will try our very best to accommodate extra people.

+ Will you be able to do the groom's makeup?

Yes! The wedding day is not only about the bride. Today, grooms are playing a huge part in the wedding planning process. I will make sure that the groom feels just as special as the bride.

+ Should I do my hair before my makeup?

If you are getting curls that will need to set, I will do the eyes and eyebrows while your curls set, then I will send you to finish hair. You will then come back to me to finish you your makeup. Otherwise, I will do the full-face application after your hair has been done. You want your makeup to be fresh when everyone sees you for the first time.

+ Which cosmetics do you use?

I use a variety of professional high quality products including brands I all know about, including MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, and Iman, and brands for professional makeup artists, including Graftobian, Face Atelier, RCMA, Viseart, and Kryolan.

+ Everyone else offers airbrush makeup, why don't you?

I use silicone based makeup, which is the best type of makeup for weddings. Like airbrush makeup, it sits on top of the skin creating a second layer of "skin" which gives you the flawless finish. Silicone based makeup can hold up against sweat, tears, and cake to the face.

With traditional makeup, I won't have to waste precious time cleaning in between each person. I carry several of the brushes that I use the most. I just pull out new clean brushes for each person.

There's no need to pay extra for airbrush makeup.

+ Are your products and tools sanitized?

I sanitize all of our products and tools with 70% alcohol. All of our creams including lipstick, foundation, concealer, cream shadow, and gel liner, are scooped out to prevent contamination from double dipping. Our brushes are washed after every booking and sprayed with 70% alcohol.

+ Will you stay with me for touch ups during the wedding?

I usually pack up and then leave after I've completed the last person's makeup. I will stay for a hourly rate for as long as you want me to. I will need notice prior to the wedding day to ensure that I have open availability to stay.

+ I'm more of a do-it-yourselfer, do you offer makeup lessons?

Yes. I offer lessons for the DIYers out there.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate event that you cancel your booking with me, I require 14 days notice prior to the wedding day. If I receive notice later than 14 days prior to your wedding date, the full balance is to be paid within 14 days of the cancellation. Retainers are nonrefundable and nontransferable.