We know you're busy booking vendors and checking things off of your wedding "to do" list. Well, you can finally check makeup off of your list!

Luxury wedding makeup service with us goes beyond just applying makeup. Along with getting you photo ready, we help get you pumped, focused, and equipped for the big moment. Since NYC is the beautiful melting pot that it is, we are able to accommodate everyone of all races and ethnicities. So tell the bridesmaids not to worry when they ask you "do they have foundation for my skin tone?"

The Wedding Day

The wedding day is all about the bride(s) and groom(s) right? Of course it is! That's why we are dedicated to giving you the TLC that you need before heading to the alter. We will spend at least 1 hour prepping your skin and applying makeup. We will send you helpful DIY skin care tips that you can utilize during the weeks leading up to your wedding. We get to know you on a personal level so we can incorporate your favorite things into your experience with us, like your favorite music and scents. You will recieve a touch up kit containing lipstick, lipgloss, oil absorbing blotting sheets, tissue, and mints. We also offer a touch up service for an additional fee to keep you shine free or to change the look. 

Your makeup will last throughout the wedding. Yes, even through all of the dancing, sweating, and tears.

The Trial

Setting your look before the wedding is crucial. It will help with time management and it will ease any nerves you may have about getting a look that you absolutely hate. During the trial, we will develop our plan of action for a smooth and hassle free wedding day. We will discuss details about your color scheme, any looks that you love, and any worries that you have about your makeup on your wedding day. Together, we will compose a schedule that will include the times that each person will get their makeup done.  The schedule will help reduce the number of questions you will be bombarded with. 

Contact us HERE to book a trial today.

Destination Weddings

Planning to get married out of state or outside of the country? Take your personal makeup artist with you! We are there for all of your makeup needs, including your rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, wedding day, even your post wedding dinner!

If you want to look absolutely flawless in every photo, trust us to do the job.

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